Where to leave bags in Sorrento?

Hi all! Couple of questions - Travelling to Sorrento in about a week for just a night. The next day we want to take a ferry to Positano and spend the day there. Is there a place we can leave our luggage? We plan on heading to Naples after our Positano trip later that evening - what would be the best option? Travelling from Positano or back to Sorrento first? That would probably determine what to do with our bags. Any help would be amazing!

Posted by Laura
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Your Sorrento hotel will be happy to hold the bags for free, e.g. if you plan to return there by bus, which sounds like the most practical option. (If you arrive in Positano by bus, Rick's Italy book (p. 1109) mentions that you can pay 10 euros to use the services of the Brikette hostel in the upper town, but that does not sound convenient when arriving by boat.)

Posted by Kristen
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How are you planning on getting from Positano to Naples? Public transportation? If yes, then you have to stop in Sorrento on the way to Naples. It makes the most sense to leave your bags at your hotel and pick them up on your way back. If you are arranging a private driver (expensive) or shuttle service (less expensive but not as cheap as public transportation) from Positano, then store them where Laura mentioned.

EDIT: Sorry, I just read your question again and see that you were asking on best way from Positano to Naples. I don't know what your definition of "best" is. The cheapest way is to do the public transportation route- SITA bus to Sorrento and the Circumvesuviana to Naples. I have never done the private driver or shuttle service option but I have looked into it. For a private driver, it would probably be 100-150 Euro depending on how many people you have. There are some shuttle services, where multiple people get picked up) that advertise 35 Euro/person from Positano to the airport or train station in Naples. But I do not have any direct experience with them.

Posted by Linda
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This well regarded car company does reasonably priced transfers from Sorrento, Positano etc.


PS the Hotel Nice, on the junction of the train station approach road and Corso Italia, used to store luggage for non-guests. Don't know whether they still do. The Tourist Info stand in front of the station may know a place.