Where to go in 10 days?

We'll be in Italy for 10 days on a .om & daughter trip. She has never been to Italy? So, what cities in 10 days for a 26 year old? (I've been to Italy & love it all.)

Posted by Paul
Cedar, IA, USA
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My advice is always Rome and a side trip; meaning Rome and maybe Naples/Pompeii/Amalfi Coast area or Rome and Florence/Tuscany(well the bold also tuck a quick Venice in there). Each of those offers a different experience, one more of an antiquities tour, the other Art, or with either, a little of both.

Posted by Gela
San Jose, CA, USA
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I am heading for Italy myself for the first time. I have 2 weeks and will travel to Rome, Florence, Venice, Lake Como. I would show your daughter a favorite area that you have been to, and then explore places you haven't been, so that you and your daughter can share the excitement of discovery together. Have a wonderful time!

Posted by Cora
Vancouver, BC, Canada
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I'm 21 and went to Italy this past May, I would say I was less impressed with Rome and would suggest only 3 days in Rome, you can defiently see it all in 3 days in Rome! I loved Venice the best but some people complain they don't like the crowds, well I was there in May and it wasn't too bad and anywhere you go it will probably be crowded.

If your daughter likes art a stop in Florence is a must. I would say in total 3 days Rome, 3 days Florence, 4 days Venice would be best.

If she's not into art skip florence and head for a few days in Cinque Terre, one of my favortive italian spots, Vernazza was so beautiful I'm already planning my return. Hope that helps

Posted by Ellen
Centennial, CO, USA
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I'm heading to Italy for my 5th time in May this year. I can tell you, I'm NO fan of Rome. Too big, too crowded, and too many pickpockets (yes, I've seen one in action)

Rome can't be missed, you have to see the sights, but don't spend more than 2 days there...one night.

Take your time either exploring the Amalfi coast (Pompei and Mt Vesuvio, the coast line, hike to Ravello) or head north to the Cinque Terre for some quiet time. Take a side trip to Lucca.

Base in Florence for a few nights with a day trip to Pisa (gotta climb the tower!) Do a day bike trip from Florence to see some of the country side the way you never will from a bus or car. (www.florencebybike.com) If you must, rent a car and visit some small hill top towns.

Don't miss Siena. Again, you must see the piazza and climb the tower! (gee, I hope you are in good shape!) Siena is worth 2 days on it's own. From Siena, a great side trip is to Greve. San Giminango is wonderful - the Manhatten of Tuscany.

Above all, if you can, just play Italy by ear. don't make too many reservations, of if you must, be open to changing that so you can go with the flow!

Posted by Lourdes
San Diego, CA
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Rome is better appreciated if one knows a bit of history, quite a bit in fact. Some knowledge of architecture is also very helpful, otherwise, the Roman Forum will only look like a pile of rubble. If your daughter has some knowledge of these or has time to read before you go, she will enjoy Rome. Same is true with art history and Florence.

Posted by Margaret
Clarkston, USA
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Florence for sure, and spend a day in Pompeii.
Rome...the historical stuff is amazing, but we did not like the city itself at all and were glad to leave.
Get tickets to the Uffizi online and you'll save having to wait in line for days and days.
The Vatican tour is fantastic, whether or not you're Catholic (we aren't) and worth the time (about 2 hrs.) and $. Also St. Peter's. Also, climb Palatine Hill.
And enjoy the gelato!

Posted by Devika
Olympia, WA
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We love Italy so may be I am biased. I like Rome, Florence and Venice almost equally. Each place has its own unique charm and you just have to find it. I would spend 3 nights in each place and one night as a buffer to get over jet lag. If you love Italy, chances are your daughter will too. In any case if she sees all 3 main art cities, she can decide for herself which one she likes best. Of course Italy is much more than these cities but for her first trip it may be a good idea to get an overall picture.