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Where is the truffle hunting dog?

RS videos and tour members mention "Napo the truffle-hunting dog." While I'm not planning to join a RS tour, I'd like to go on a truffle hunt with the dogs. Does anyone have any contact info?

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I'm making a guess that, somewhere on Rick's website, there is an itinerary for the RS 2006 Tour of Village Italy, or at least for the next one. That itinerary, where they stop at, perhaps will give you a clue. Or, you could e-mail one of the travel advisors (RS employees) elsewhere on this website (not on Helpline) and directly ask them where.

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Found this by a google search. It gave this quote as a favorite from someones evaluation on a Rick's tour......
The amazing truffle hunt and al fresco dinner with the farmer's wife and friends. Viewing Orvieto from the nearby hilltop garden at the winetasting site.

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The ideal would be to find a way to contact the persons who own the dog to see if my group of nine could arrange for a truffle hunt when we are in Italy in November.

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I met Napo when I went on the Village Italy tour last year. I found my itinerary and we were staying in Montone which is a really small, awesome hill town and we walked back from the farmers house to "Locanda di Capitano" in Montone where we were staying. Go to the web site for them and ask them about the farmer that owns Napo. We hunted truffles and then went back to the farmer's home where he had cooked an amazing array of food for us and we had truffles that we had found, shredded over our pasta. He also served us his homemade wine. He and his wife didn't speak much English but were wonderful hosts and alot of fun. This is what makes Rick Steves' tours unique and memorable! The web site for Locanda di Capitano is: