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Where is the best place to meet another passenger in FCO airport?

I am meeting a friend who is arriving later at the Rome International airport and I don't know where is the best place to meet my friend? Also can I get back into the other shopping areas after customs?

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I am planning on meeting my sister at baggage claim for her flight and spending the 11 euros each way for the train to FIU from Rome Termini train station.
Otherwise, if she were a more seasoned traveller, I would meet her at the top of the escalators in rome Termini train station. They are to the right as you come into the train station.

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Due to security you cannot access the baggage claim area to meet someone. After baggage claim passengers pass through Customs into the Arrival Hall of each Terminal. There are always lots of drivers & friends/family standing around waiting for people.

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My daughter is flying into Rome and meeting a friend that has been studying there for 3 months. They are planning to meet in the lobby of the Airport Hilton Hotel - which evidently is a very short distance via moving walkways. Her friend suggested she have a sign that says "HILTON?" and ask for directions if she can't figure it out. Her friend said it is an easy location to meet someone.

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My husband and I met our college age son and his friend at the airport in Rome for spring break and found them where the International arrivals come in. We noticed there were two doors that people were funneling through and we just watched until they arrived. It was not a problem although it was 13 Euros each way to the airport so it would have been cheaper for all of us to take a taxi back to Rome for 40 Euros.