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Where can you purchase CBD oil/lotions?

Are CBD oils and topicals available in pharmacies? What is a good brand and quality? Thanks in advance

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I realize that many people use cannabis, including RS from his comments elsewhere. Nowhere on this site, however, is there any official pronouncement that cannabis or, indeed, CBD oil is appropriate. If the OP wants his/her first posts (there is a companion post in the Germany section) in this Forum to be about procuring something abroad which MAY not be legal, the requested information may be an incitement to illegality. Hence my report to the Webmaster.

"Before purchasing cannabis products in Italy, keep in mind that it is not entirely legal. It is only legal for medical and industrial purposes. Therefore, it is strictly regulated throughout the country. This means that you may need to have doctor’s prescription or any sort in order to legally purchase a cannabis product. With all that being said, adhering to the government’s rules and regulations regarding the use of CBD oil must still be considered to avoid hefty penalties and fines." From a linked article. Emphasis is mine.

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It's perfectly legal in Canada.
If over 3% THC content, by prescription only.
If under 0.3 % THC level, then OTC for your own use only.
My friend uses it for her dog who has many health issues, and he's like a new pup again.
I don't think Italy will have anything like this as yet.

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Thank you all for your responses. I did do research and perhaps many of you should too, before you judge or confuse pot with CBD. oil. In my state it is legal with a THC of less than 0.3%. It has pain management and anxiety benefits. The CBD in topicals is also less than 0.3%. It will not get you "high".

I did see that it is legal in Italy without a prescription and since our TSA laws are somewhat unclear I don't wish to bring it on the plane. I do think that my CBD salve is some of the best topical treatment for sore and hurting muscles I have ever found.

I am arriving in Germany so that is why I asked under that thread, too. Jumping to conclusions that I am a seller of this was premature and rude. This is why I rarely come on to this forum. I hope the monitor sees this post!

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CBD (legal) is in no way the same as cannabis containing THC (mostly, not legal). Completely different things, folks. Here in Vienna there are shops (and vending machines) selling CBD products on nearly every corner. To buy cannabis with THC (weed) you buy it from the shady guys in the parks at night.

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I just returned from Italy a few weeks ago, and I saw stores that carry CBD products. I would ask at a pharmacy, and they will likely point you in the right direction. I am veterinarian who carries CBD products for animals (made from hemp). I understand what you're asking, and I am sure you can find what you need over there.

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OP, given the current federal laws in the US, I think it's very wise that you are leaving your CBD products at home. I don't think you'll have any trouble finding a similar product in Italy. As previously mentioned, a pharmacist can point you in the right direction.

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Look for shops called Cannabis Store Amsterdam. They're in most major cities and sell CBD products, including edibles. I'm not sure of their complete product line and I'm sure a Google search will help. "Light" cannabis is legal in Italy, or at least its status is unclear, and these shops are thriving.

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Do a Google search for "cbd italy shop." The article linked above will be in the group of results. But it's from April this year. There have been other developments since then.

Also Google "cbd italy pharmacy" for more info, both earlier and later than April.

You could do the same for Germany.

I've never used any CBD products, but that doesn't mean I never will. A friend in WA swears by the topicals she uses for her knees.

You don't have to go to a special dispensary to buy them. In many states OTC CBD products are becoming more available in typical US stores like Walmart, Kroger, CVS and Walgreens. Coming to a store near you...

Just a little FYI.

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This is all good information for travelers.
I guess the bottom line is: don't travel with CBD products unless you have the prescription with you, and perhaps not even then.
The good news is it's available OTC in Europe!
Might get some in Rome for my knees.

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When I want to find out if something is available in Europe, I look on the Amazon site for that individual country.

For Italy, that is, which shows lots of choices for CBD oil:ÅMÅŽÕÑ&crid=328ELII5W0W1B&sprefix=CBD%2Caps%2C306&ref=nb_sb_ss_i_1_3

There was no need for anyone to raise the specter of illegality, as this stuff is widely available. Our local grocery store carries it, and it appears it is commonly available in Italy.

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Whatever you do, bear in mind CBD occupies an uncertain legal territory in the US, and you can be arrested trying to take it through an American airport, where federal law prevails. Best leave it behind when you come home.

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I can't speak to the legality of traveling abroad with CBD oils/tincture.

But, if you're asking for general use...Lazarus Naturals is the best I've found. On top of that, they offer a lovely discount for Veterans. I've tried other companies and those products did absolutely nothing for anxiety or stress. Lazarus Naturals CND Tincture is amazing and at a really good cost.

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I’m glad this topic came up as I was wondering. I heard so many great things at CBD that we tried it, it really works, we couldn’t believe it. We use the 1,000 gm tincture for joint and back pain. No THC.

I wouldn’t mind trying to find some at a pharmacy, would be good after walking 5 to 10 miles a day.

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This is the thread that never ends /
It goes on and on my friends /
Someone started it /
About a year ago /
Why it keeps on going /
No one really knows /
But this is the thread that never ends...

(repeat until you're kicked off the plane)

-- Mike Beebe

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When we were in Siena last October there was a CBD store right down the street from our B&B.

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I saw at least one store in Siena which sold CBD products in Italy. I can't remember the name of the shop, but they were along what I considered the main drag between the bus/train stop and where the Palio is held.