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Where are photos NOT allowed in Venice?

I am planning a short trip to Venice and want to take advantage of photography opportunities. At which locations, besides inside the Doge's Palace and St Mark's Basilica, is photography NOT allowed?

Thank you!

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There are some churches where it's not allowed, and there will be a sign saying so, or you can ask an attendant. There are some churches where it's ok, as long as you don't use flash. The Della Salute church is one of those.

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There will be signs at the entrance to any site where they're attempting to ban or restrict photography - they should be obvious but it's best to keep an eye out for them. The only places I've ever seen such signs (in Italy) was inside churches or art museums. These signs are routinely ignored by rude tourists, please don't be one of them.

There may be a complete ban on photos (widely ignored by cell-phone-obsessed tourists), or a ban on flash photography (common in art museums - the cumulative flashes can damage paintings). I've also seen "no selfie sticks" and "no drones" signs (also seen both ignored). Once in a while you may encounter a more ambiguous sign with a policy banning "professional camera equipment" (presumably an expensive-looking camera) and/or tripods or (rarely) video. I have not seen this in Italy myself, but on a recent trip there was a separate, additional fee for photography (you paid that along with your entry ticket). There seems to be endless variations on photo restrictions. Fortunately, IME they are rarely a real issue.

Bottom line: just watch for the signs and follow the rules, it's simple and easy to comply.

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Just as a side issue, I loved that St. Giles Cathedral in Edinburgh lets you pay a modest additional fee to take photographs. The no photograph rule at Durham Cathedral really bothered me because at the time they didn't even have a good souvenir booklet with pictures. They did just publish one this summer, which I purchased after we got home. When something is so sublimely beautiful, it's hard when pictures aren't allowed.

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During any religious service at a house of worship whether in Venice or anywhere in the world -- no photos.

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Thank you all for the responses. I know about signs and general photography rules. If anyone could be more specific about locations, it would be very helpful. Because I will have limited time and suffer from social anxiety and get anxious being in public places, photography is something that helps me cope. It gives me something to concentrate on so I don't focus too much on the people around me. Therefore as I plan my itinerary, this is something I take into account.

Also, I have no problem paying a photography fee. It's something that was common when I was in Prague.

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Selfie sticks are generally frowned on, too easy for beople taking selfies to back ino precious objects. Often you will be asked to carry your backpack with camera gear in it rather than wear it, if you have such a backpack.
I would avoid taking a tripod.
Expecting people to pause if you are trying to take a photo across a bridge is a vain hope indeed.
Photography is banned in the Georges Cini Foundation old library.
Photography is banned in the churches on Torcello.
The Querini Stampalia Foundation charges a fee, two or three euro, giv you a sticker to wear demonstrating that you are legal.

I was in the Piazza early last Sunday, about 6:00 AM, shot iPhone photos, my film camera with 400ASA would not cut it without a tripod. There must have been as many as eight people in the Piazza at that time, maybe a dozen on the Rialto bridge.

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This isn't a place it's not allowed, but when I went into the Correr museum, one of the security guards was actively encouraging me to take photos!

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social anxiety is a difficult issue to deal with...just remember that you are on vacation and in italy...a perfect place and no one knows who you are:)

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so I don't focus too much on the people around me

Autofocus should help with that ;-)

Welcome! You've gotten some great guidelines from others. Venice can be very crowded that might not help your social anxiety. Luckily, there are numerous out of the way places that offer excellent photo opportunities plus will get you out of the crush of humanity.

Your question brought up a couple of thoughts. I was in Europe for the first time when I was 15, back in 1966. I was in a church in Rome and asked a monk, who was one of the staff, it photographs were allowed. He responded: "Not if I see you." He promptly turned his back to me!

Also, I used to take a "professional" looking full frame DSLR complete with a range of lenses, including a big white lens. My kit received a lot of notice. I have recently converted to a Fuji mirrorless system. The equivalent camera and lenses are much smaller and hardly get any notice. This is great for candid street photography.