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What transportation available to get to Marco Polo airpot in Venice?

Hello Everyone, I have a early flight out of Venice at 7:30am heading for Frakfurt. I'm guessing I should be at the airport by 5:30am. My hotel is located in the Carneregio area, not far from Riato bridge. Any idea what transportation might be available at that early hour and how much time it will take to get to the airport. All advice are much appreciated.

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There are early morning buses and taxis from the Piazzale Roma. You can walk there from the Cannaregio.

The bus transports are timed for the early morning flights.

Someone will be along shortly to insist you pay for a 100 Euro water taxi. That's a luxury, to be sure, but not necessary, and there's a long hike involved to the airport if you do.

Take the bus from the Piazzale Roma.

Have a great trip!

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Hi Michelle - Ron was right on with the Vaporetto and the inexpensive pricing. It, along with the "expensive" water taxis dock at the airport and the "long hike" takes about three minutes to walk up the sidewalk and into the terminal. Buses in Venice are not the usual suggestion because there is always the issue of getting to the bus and then off loading and getting into the terminal. Plus - this is Venice we're talking about. A Fabulous City built on a number of Islands and not car oriented or bus oriented that much. Enjoy it and do it right - As for the water taxi - It's a Beautiful ride and , yes , it's pricy - Again - this Venice not Portland, Oregon!!!!!

Ciao, Greg

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The vaporettos will be running on the night schedule that early. there is a vaporetto that leaves from the Rialto stop at 4:35 am and arrives at P.le Roma at 4:50 am. From there you can get either an orange ACTV bus or the blue ATVO bus to the airport. You should arrive at the terminal around 5:30 am.

6.50 euros for the vaporetto and 3 euros for the ATVO bus

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Once again, to avoid causing confusion - Ron correctly referred to the vaporetto which goes to Piazzale Roma. From there you can take the bus. That's the inexpensive alternative.

There is no vaporetto to the airport. The previous poster meant the Alilaguna service which is a separate boat service to the airport dock and more expensive than the ACTV service. It has limited departure points from Venice.

And - for those in the cruise ship categoty with unlimited funds - private water taxis, as previously mentioned. I'd rather spend 100E on another night in Venice.

Oh, and what's wrong with Portland, Oregon?

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The problem with Alilaguna and the reason I didn't suggest it is that only the Blue Line is operating that early. It's the one that makes the most stops.
it also doesn't mesh well with your schedule.

there is one from San Marco Gardinetta that leaves at 3:40 am and gets to the airport dock at 5 am. the next service leaves at 4:20 and arrives at 6:09 am.

you'll still have to either walk or take the vaporetto to San Marco to get it.