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What to pack for Tuscany by the Sea bike trip followed by 4 days of touring

Going on a 7 day bike trip with VBT to Tuscany by the Sea followed by 4 days of touring on our own in Tuscany staying at the agriturismo Terra De Nano. We are traveling with another couple for the entire visit.

I know what I need for the biking portion of the trip and the nights the tour has planned. I need help on what to pack for the Tuscany touring portion of the trip. For day tours Capri pants vs. nice jean, black designer jeans or chinos? (I have been reading that khaki's shout out tourist). Or should I just wear long pants?

What would the temperatures be like? We live in sunny, hot, muggy Florida so anything below 80 degrees is deemed cool. I am packing a knee length stylish cardigan as well as a black short leather jacket and rain slicker.

For casual restaurant evenings are nice black pants or good chino pants with nice tops suitable topped of with black leather jacket o.k.? Do Italian women use scarfs to dress up plain clothing?

I am trying to dress stylish but promised hubby not to overpack. Any suggestions are greatly appreciated.

Thanks in advance for your time and help. DiDi

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I don't see where you tell us when you are traveling...that would help in making suggestions for clothing.

IMO, the leather jacket is too heavy and not needed, but your scarf is perfect for evening or day time use.

If you only have 4 days of touring, most of the clothing you pack for your bike trip will work - that is NOT the bike shorts, etc, but the clothing you pick for evening/after riding. Really no need to ADD to your suitcase for the last 4 days.

But ---when is your trip?

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From the 24th Sept - Oct. 8th.

I was hoping not to have to do laundry as I don't know how much time I will have allow things to dry.

GRRR... I hate packing.