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What to do at FCO while waiting for travel companion

I travel to Rome at the end of April and my significant other does not arrive at FCO, on a different flight, until 4 hours after my flight. Does anyone know if I can go to his gate and wait for him? Or, would I need to leave the airport and find another place to meet?

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Domestic or international flights???? The airport has public areas, lounges, and food service outside of security. That would be the place to meet. If both are in the same terminal for arrival, then just go to his gate and wait. There will be some food services in that terminal. If it is a different terminal then you will not be able to go to his gate because you will not have a boarding pass to get past security. Then just met in one of the lounge areas. No point in leaving the airport. There is nothing there except a Hilton hotel. Pull up a map of FCO and pick a meeting spot.