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What month for off season?

We want to go to Florence in the off season. We were thinking either early December or February. Some people said that in December stores and things are closed. Is this true?

What month might be better for weather (less chance of rain, temperature, etc)


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The off season for any travel destination is: < May 15 and > September 15.

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We were in Italy mid-May and there were virtually no tourists! We were also in Paris and no line going to the Louve.

The weather was cool but not cold. Layering of clothes is the best way to describe the trip.

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I was in Italy for Christmas and New Years...2001/2002. It was cold and drizzling. I was in Rome for Christmas and Sorrento for New Years. There were people, but no major crowds. I was not fond of the weather.
I was also in Ialy in was delightful! Maybe there were a few more people, but still no crowds. I was walking in a light jacket, even sitting in the sun for a few rays. There was no rain. I guess we are at the mercy of the weather; I have heard more people say February!