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What is the difference between

We are getting ready to book at least 3 different tours in the coming week. The Vatican,The Colosseum,Forum/Heart Of Rome Night Walk -----Other than price what is the difference between these 2 tour groups ? Through Eternity is alittle more expensive .....Angel charges 11 euro for Colosseum,Forum and Heart Of Rome while Through Eternity charges 27 euro each for the above 2 tours.

The Vatican Tour -- Angel Tour 9:30am is 50 euro's stating all inclusive of othere charges and there afteroon tour is 25 euro + 14 Vatican admission ---- 3 hour tour ---

While Through Eternity Vatican Tour starts at 10am and ends at 4 pm and the price is 41 euro .

Does Through Eternity/Angel Tours --Skip the Lines ?

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