What is the best evening meal you had in Florence and Rome

Looking for restaurants that you had your best evening meal in Florence and Rome. Would love all suggestions though moderate is probably what we will probably do most often. Thanks

Posted by Roberto
Fremont, CA, USA
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Florence: Il Latini, Le Campane, Da Pennello, Acqua al 2, I'cche' c'e' c'e', Sabatino, il Sostanza, Cerbone (Mercato Centrale), Palle d'Oro, Mamma Gina, Il Cantinone. So many to choose from I don't know where to start.

Posted by Kathy
San Carlos, CA, USA
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We loved Birreria Centrale for steak and cannellini beans.

Posted by Brent
Tucson, AZ, US
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The best dish I had during my entire Italy trip was at Borgo Antico in Florence (across the Arno river in Piazza Santo Spirito. I ordered the Tagliatelle with Wild Boar Ragout. I dream of that dish.

Posted by donna
roswell, ga, usa
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Rome: Piacere Molise -- in the Prati Neighborhood. If they have the mushroom ravioli the night you are there, you'll think you've died and gone to heaven! Small place.

Posted by Laurel
Rome, Italy
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"Best" is so hard to define. Is it the food? The ambiance? The people? Probably all of the above, and of course a good dining companion. In Rome, I can highly recommend Quarantaquattro and Osteria della Forchetta as stand-out experiences. But we love our favorite little Roman trattoria, too: Antica Taverna. It's not "fine dining" but it is simple, tasty Roman food served by lovely people at a good price.

Posted by Bethanne
Philadelphia, PA, USA
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We really liked this pizzieria, it's not just a pizzeria and it was great for people watching!! It was, from what I could see, all locals both times we were there... L'Isola della Pizza Via degli Scipioni 45, 00192 Rome, Italy
http://www.isoladellapizza.com/en/ We had some amazing pasta dishes and the pizza was great!!

Posted by Ashley
Palm Bay
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I would second the Palle d'Oro. It is reasonably priced - I think my hubby and I were 14 euros each for appetizer and main meal.

Posted by Danielle
Paxton, Massachuse, USA
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Great question and great answers! Now maybe a silly question - do any of these require reservations? And if yes, how far in advance are we talking? Thanks!

Posted by Laurel
Rome, Italy
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I find it is always best to reserve. Usually I can call the same day about 18:00 and reserve for 20:30 or 21:00. Sometimes I am disappointed and there are no tables left by then, but rarely. We have gone without reservations and been turned away enough to learn our lesson and reserve if possible. This is especially important during high season. But if you are early diners, arriving at opening (usually not before 19:30) you may very well be seated without a reservation. FYI, reservations are important even for pizzeria, at least those that take them. La Gatta Mangione and La Pratolina require calling a dew days in advance, for example.

Posted by Sasha
Bainbridge Island
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Someone wrote on here earliier about Borgo Antico on Piazza Santo Spirito, some great boar ( cinghale) pasta. Now that post is gone, erased. But I will say we had a memorable evening there. The food may not be highest gourmet, but it is tasty, and the ambiance sitting on the piazza is great. My motto is "any meal outdoors is a good one" but in Florence you can be tricked. One time we sat at a lovely place on a piazza near the big mercato, I ordered risotto primavera and I swear it was Minute rice with Birdseye frozen veggies, just peas and carrots. So be careful in the popular piazzas. But Borgo Antico was nice.

Posted by Danielle
Paxton, Massachuse, USA
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Thank you Laurel. Very helpful. Another silly question if you dont mind. How do you go about getting the phone numbers for these restaurants while you are in Rome? Do these smaller places have websites? I am picturing those that may not be near our apartment that I may want to call in the morning to reserve a table, etc. Thank you!.