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Wells Fargo Debit Card in Italy

My son will be leaving on his honeymoon to Italy in 2 weeks. He is planning on using his W.F. debit card. The bank has told him it works in Italy.

Can anyone verify that? Was it successful or a pain? He and his new wife will land in Venice, then Florence, Tuscany and Rome.

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His W.F. debit card will work just fine as an ATM card. Make sure that he notifies his bank that he will be in Italy so that they don't suspect fraud and lock him out. Also, make sure that his PIN number is no more than 4 digits. No letters either.

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He probably knows this as a Wells Fargo customer, but here in Indiana a WF DEBIT card will not work as a debit for purchases. It will only run as credit. I imagine it will be the same in Europe. He will not be able to use it in a store and put in a PIN. But, yes, at an ATM, with prior notification, it should work.

And just to tease you a little, why is a grown man, about to be married, having his mother ask these questions for him?

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Also use the search box on this site. There has been a lot of prior discussion about the WF debit card and the fees charged. Since I don't have a WF card, I didn't pay much attention to the postings but I don't think it was really favorable.

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Just back and no problem with Wells Fargo debit charge. Let the bank know and find out your dollar limit. Then figure aproximately how many euros that cnverst to & you have to include the $5 transaction fee. If you try to exceed your limit it won't work and once before after we tried two times it shut us out for the day.

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Karen, you must be a single lady. His mother is asking these questions for him because he doesn't have a wife to ask them for him as yet ;-}