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WEIRD question---pajamas in italy?

OK, I'm thinking about what we need for our trip June 9-28. We'll be in an apt. in Venice, a suite in a villa/agristurismo near Siena, and an apt. in Rome (in that order). My question is about sleeping and night temperatures---what kind of pj's? This question is mostly for our 2 kids (9 and 5), but also for us. Is it chilly in these old buildings? I assume in Rome it will be warm at night...
Help is appreciated.

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Find out if you have air conditioning in any of the places. If you know ahead, it will be easier to plan appropriate PJs. If all else fails, pack what you would for summer PJs and plan on asking for extra blankets (and put on socks) if the air conditioning freezes you out. You are unlikely to need anything made out of flannel or PJs with feet, particularly in Roma.

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Mainly I'm wondering about cotton shorts and teeshirt vs. cotton pants and long-sleever. I don't think any of the places have air-con.

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It will be hot. Shorts & tees should be fine. If you will be without a/c be sure to bring some mosquito repellent. You'll be sleeping with open windows that most likely will not have window screens.

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T-shirt style cotton PJ's. Leggings can always double as clothes or long-johns. I doubt you will be cold in June. I have been in Rome in June when it was 100 degrees. I am usually in Italy May to July and cannot really remember being cold in the cities you list.