Weather in Rome in Late May

Hello, Maybe someone in Rome can answer this question now. I have travelled to Europe and Italy many times. I am planning a trip in late May to either Rome or London. I was wondering how is the weather now, seasonally. In Rome. I know London will be cooler and maybe rainy. Meaning are things warmer or cooler than normal. We were in Germany in May 2011 and it was seasonally warmer than normal. Nice in Germany but could have been too hot for Rome. I appreciate any ideas on this subject.

Posted by Roberto
Fremont, CA, USA
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Rome in May has daily temperatures very similar to San Jose in May. So it's warm generally around 80 degrees F. During the night San Jose is a little cooler because of the cooling effect of the Ocean breeze from the SF Bay. Rome's temperatures at night don't drop much during the night (the Mediterranean is a warm body of water, unlike the Pacific ocean). So you should be able to walk the streets of Rome with short sleeves also after dinner. Bring a very light jacket just in case for the evenings. Also bring a small traveler's umbrella. When it rains in Rome it pours, although it may not last long. London weather at the end of May is similar to San Francisco. Pleasant during the day, but you need a jacket after sunset. I'm not going to mention the umbrella. You know about England.