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Weather in Milan and Florence in early April

Planning a trip. arrival in Milan first week of April. 5 days there with a few day trips. And then next 5 days in Florence with a few day trips. How chilly will it be? Then five days in Naples with a few day trips. What should I expect in Naples? thanks for any information

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I'm curious myself as we will be in Italy in May. We were in Florence in mid-May 2019 and it was freezing. My sister is from Alaska and SHE was cold. Even the locals complained that it was like November. That's one reason we're going back this year! However, I wonder if there is any normal any more. I'm planning for layering and flexibility.

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And I was there mid to late Mar in ’05 and had to shop for spring clothes. Never did I need rain gear or a jacket, it was unbelievably warm, the locals said so too.

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You can find actual, historical, day-by-day weather data on the website I like to check at least the most recent three years, but five would be better. I usually depend on the monthly average precipitation figures in the Wikipedia entries for cities I plan to visit, but I'm not sure how accurate those are. In many cases the averages are based on a period that cuts off in 2010 or even 2000, and weather has been wackier recently.

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And certainly for a 10ish day trip you can check the weather forecast the week before departure - forecasts at that point will be relatively accurate. Then it is easy to pack appropriately.

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The most comprehensive site for weather information is Not only can you find averages for temp. humidity, precip, daylight hours can now get this information for specific past years.

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Early spring has the most unpredictable weather of the year in Italy. In the over 30 Aprils I’ve spent in Florence, I have seen any possible weather, from snow to hot, and anything in between. However the most likely weather will be mild temperatures (low to mid 60s during the day and high 40s at night) with very changeable weather and often with a chance of rain (therefore carry a pocket umbrella even if the sun is out). Milan is only a couple of degrees cooler than Florence on average. The best advice I can give you is to check the weather forecast just before your travel.