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Washington to Naples via Frankfort

Well, we finally cancelled our May trip to Naples > Amalfi > Rome after hoping the devastation in Italy would have abated by then, but it seems to grow more serious by the day. So, we are rescheduling our trip for late September. We were planning to fly nonstop Dulles to Rome then take a train to Naples. We were using our United Milesplus points to upgrade to Economy Plus. With our new dates, I've now discovered we can fly Business Class to Frankfurt and back on United (for less miles) and take a Lufthansa flight Frankfort to Naples for around $130. Sounds great – I think. Our neighbor who travels constantly told me if we were to go this route that our baggage could be checked through to Naples, as both United and Lufthansa are Star Alliance airlines.
Has anyone taken this route from Frankfort before (to Naples, Rome, Florence, etc.) and had it go smoothly? I'm just wondering about the luggage, the ease of connecting and with the layover, whether it's worth doing. Thanks!

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If you were to go that route since you would have two separate tickets (IAD to FRA booked with miles and FRA to NAP cash) you would need to ask United first to combine the tickets so when you check in Dulles your bag would be tagged to go through to Naples. You will see NAP for Naples on your bag tag and claim check when you finish checking in

You should choose a layover that gives you at least 2 hours between the two flights if they agree to combine the tickets.
That is the only way it would be worth doing it that way.

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Have you checked going thru to Naples on one ticket, paying the difference? You'll still have a layover in either Frankfurt or Munich.

Have done this many many times over the past 15 years.

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Yes, but the only low miles ticket IAD to NAP has an 8 hr 50 min layover in Frankfurt.

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We don't know when we'll be able to (or want to) travel to Europe again. There's no telling what will happen with the airline schedules between now and September, assuming things are up and running by then. What you're talking about is an unprotected connection. If the first leg of the trip is canceled or rescheduled in such a way that it is impossible for you to make the second leg, you'll be buying a new ticket from Frankfurt to Naples. Worse, if you're planning to do the same thing on the way back and the Naples-Frankfurt flight is canceled or rescheduled, you are at risk of missing the return transatlantic flight, which could be a very costly situation.

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I’ve not used the United mileage plan, but I’m surprised that you might have to pay for the second flight leg. Why? Mileage awards that I’ve used all included connections. Maybe sometimes the connecting flight is “sold out” to mileage users and in that case the airline would charge you, but it would still be booked in a single process on one ticket. If your preferred connections aren’t bookable online as a single itinerary, then talk to a phone agent.