Walking Trails in Varenna

We met this couple from the US in Venice in 2008 and they were leaving to go to Varenna for some hiking. Can anyone help please and suggests walking trails. I found lots from Cernobbio onwards. Thanks.

Posted by Jim
Dallas, Texas, USA
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Susan, not sure this will help, but here goes. While doing some research on Varenna, I searched u-tube, and came across a place/Hotel that seemed really cool that I had never heard about. Later I realized RSteve's recommends it, Hotel Eremo Gaudio. While looking over various u-tube postings it seems that there is a cogwheel(?) train that continues upward and there seemed to be some hiking options at the summit. Hope this helps. If you haven't been to Varenna/Bellagio, you must go; spend one day in Milan, it's better then it's given credit for.

Posted by Ken
Vernon, Canada
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Suan, I don't recall a lot of hiking trails in that area, but believe the Guidebook has some information. There's one trail that goes up the hill to the La Sorgente di Fiumelatte (small waterfall), but that's rather unspectacular if there isn't much water running. As I recall, there's a small picnic area up there as well. There's another trail to goes up the hill to an old Castle, and I believe there's a Falconry or something there as well. I'm sure the others will be able to provide more detailed information, and I'm sure the T.I. in Varenna will be able to provide full information. While in Varenna, you could also tour the ornate gardens at Villa Monastero and Villa Cipressi (buy a combo ticket to see both). Happy travels!

Posted by Lesley
Johannesburg, South Africa
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We are going to be staying in Varenna next year and I really like the sound of The Green Way. It is about 10km and starts in Colonno so you would have to catch a ferry. You can do the whole trail or parts of it, and can also visit Villa Balbianella on the way. Not sure how to do a link but here is the website address: