Walk from Borghese Gallery to Vatican

How long is the walk from Borghese Gallery to the Vatican. Booked a tour at the Vatican on a Saturday, October 8, 2011, at 1300. If I make reservations at the Borghese Gallergy at 9am, would I be able to walk to the Vatican for my tour at 1300.

Posted by Bob
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It's a 30 minute stroll, not a 1 hour sprint.

Posted by Zoe
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Sprinting, strolling, I guess it depends on your strde. It's definitely manageable in two hours. Your 9am Borghese Gallery visit will end at 11am. If your appointment is at the Vatican museums, it's a bit of a walk from Piazza San Pietro to the Museums' entrance, and of course, once you're inside there are miles of corridors to walk. There is a coffee shop in the Gallery if you want to pick up a snack or quick lunch, much better than the Vatican pizzeria option (although the restaurant on the Vatican Museum terrace is very good but it does get crowded at lunch hour).

Posted by Andre L.
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They are not far. The problem is that 3h is not enough to really enjoy la Galleria Borghese

Posted by Ron
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If you do the 09:00 time at the Galleria Borghese, your time (2-hr allowance) would be up at 11:00. You could easily walk to the Vatican area in two hours. I'd suggest walking in the opposite direction and catching the #19 tram on the backside of the Villa Borghese park. It runs all the way to the Vatican area, ending the route in Piazza Risorgimento, right next to the Vatican walls. And it's different than riding the buses - especially if you get on an older-model tram. Or you could walk back towards Via Veneto and catch the 490 or 495 bus at the San Paulo Brasile stop, both of which go towards the Vatican. (I'd take the 490 as it has a stop 2 blocks from the Museum entrance!) These two posts have pictures and maps, but your best friend might be Google Maps - Good Luck: Galleria Borghese and Getting to Galleria Borghese

Posted by Loretta
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FWIW, according to Google Maps, it is about a 12-17 minute drive or a 48-51 minute walk between the 2. If you're thinking of public transport, I'd count on the time involved to walk to/from any nearby Metro or bus stops plus time on the Metro or bus itself to add up to at least 30-40 minutes or more of your time, and that's another option. So, no, you probably can't realistically walk if you have a schedule to keep. Sprint, yes, but not walk. You'll definitely want to hire a taxi if you want to be on time and have any possibility of lunch or a snack in between. Your Vatican tour may START at 1300, but you'll need to be there at least by 1245 to check in. PP (Andre) also mentioned that 3 hours isn't sufficient time in the Borghese Gallery, and that may be true, but it is my understanding that all visits are limited to 2 hours anyway, so your 9am visit is probably going to be ended by 11am, voluntarily or otherwise. I'd still take the taxi over and use my few extra minutes to grab a bite of lunch. Two major museums in one day is a lot to do on an empty stomach!

Posted by joanne
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Yes you can but have good pair of sandals. The Borghese Gallery was our first stop once we got off the plane but it was worth the site. Just keep on moving and you will get to see the entire place. Take a bottle of water and pace yourself. ENJOY

Posted by Claudette
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Tessie, I hope you have a good pair of walking shoes because between walking around the Borghese, walking to the Vatican and then walking aroung the huge Vatican museum your feet will be feeling it! Think about "conserving" your feet and taking that tram between the 2 places. Unless you're used to doing tons of walking of course then go for it!

Posted by donna
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You can also walk to the spagna or barberini metro stations and take the metro to the Ottaviano station. This is less than a 10 minute ride and to walk to the barberini stop takes about 10 minutes. I don't think I would walk to the Vatican as you'll be exhausted when you get there and probably won't want to spend as much time visiting the museums as you would if you were fresh. Donna