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Vueling solution

I'm moving the Vueling thread back to this site, as we're flying out of Rome & this is where the problem started. In case anyone else is having trouble booking Vueling flights, I finally got a solution after more than 2 wks, 2 phone calls, & multiple emails: is the site Vueling suggested for booking their flights. It worked perfectly...w/an additional payment of about $10 per ticket. I still don't know what the problem is w/Vueling & American credit AND debit cards (MC & Visa)...just hope it's still a legit airline, as I've booked 5 tickets! Has anyone flown Vueling recently?

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I just jotted down that site, so when I need to book the airfare from Barcelona to Paris and Paris to Dublin, I will know where to go.



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I had problems using a credit card to purchase tickets on european airline websites until I had the middle initial removed from my card. Seems that many european online booking sights only provide for a first and last name, and the purchase will reject if there's a middle name or initial on the card. That might have been the problem.

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Thanks, Frank...That's good to know; although in Vueling's case, I don't think that's the my son tried to use his MC & has NO middle initial on his. I think it's some kind of monumental problem w/the airline itself, as they wouldn't take a CC over the phone either. Just hope it's a computer glitch & not something badly wrong w/the airline. They MUST be losing lots of money w/ppl who just get frustrated & go EasyJet instead...unless it's mostly Europeans who use Vueling.