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Hi :)
My husband and I will be in Volterra for 2 nights in late September. We will not have a car and are looking at specifically recommendations of things to do from past travellers and good places to eat. We dont need fancy, we just like to eat well and like a local. Thanks for any and all recommendations and advice!

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We spent part of a day in Volterra in June 2002. We were staying in an agriturismo near San Gimignano and drove over to check it out. We enjoyed it, along with our kids.

We did eat lunch here but I don't remember the name of the place. It was on the main drag coming from the parking area into town. We usually just wander around until we see a place that looks interesting.

I remember we saw Roman ruins and there are lots of alabaster workshops in the town. We puchased a beautiful chess set of alabaster. It was also fun to go into one of the workshops and watch them work.

Have a great trip!

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We did a day trip to Volterra from Orvieto and loved it. The highlights for us were the Roman ruins and the Etruscan Museum. The Roman ruins can be viewed from above on a side street near one of the town gates. It is a wonderful town to wander around in. We ate lunch there and it was delicious, but I don't remember the name. We too usually just wander around until we see a place that appeals to us.

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Thanks Janet and Terri! The reason we are going there is that it looks less touristy than some of the Tuscan Hill towns. We also liked to wander and explore so I gather from both of you that this is a nice place to do that. Thanks again!

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It's a wonderful place--the alabaster shops, the museum, just the view is gorgeous. No driving in town, so great for exploring. We ate at Del Duca which is in RS book, and it was the best meal we had in Italy. Charming village--the hotel's owner was across the street getting a gelato when we arrived--no one at the desk, and apparently low crime rate to leave unattended at night for 15 minutes.

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We spent one night in Volterra and loved it. It is a lovely town to simply walk around in. There is a nice park area and the Etruscan Museum is very interesting.

We had lunch at an excellent restaurant that was near the castle/prison, but I don't recall the name. It was right near a gate though. The food was excellent, although the waitress brought an appetizer that we did not order and said that we did (she was insistant, so we just took it and gave it to another couple at a nearby table). This was one of the few restaurants in Italy that we found that had salads that could be ordered as meals.

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I'm already getting so excited. Thanks for your insights!!