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Visiting Naples

I have heard from many people that a visit to Naples is not worth the time. We fly into Naples and then have a Villa in Sorrento a day later. Should we spend a day in Naples at each end of the trip or just get on the road and give it a miss? Any suggestions/expertiences with the city would be appreciated.

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i will be going to naples in november, although almost everyone has told me that it is not worth my time.

i believe that it will be worth it to experience this very important part of italy and remember that within the chaos there is something beautiful and real.

after all, you'll only be there for a day! what do you have lose? at the very least it could make for an interesting story...

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It depends on your interests. I've spent as much time in Naples as I plan during my lifetime (one day--walked extensively through the city), so my perspective is limited. Although some would argue that the Archaeological Museum is worth your time, I'd suggest it's not and I'm a historian, so I eat up history, but was very disappointed in the museum. There are so many other wonderful places in Italy . . .

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I spent a day in Naples and the rest of the time in Sorrento last summer and enjoyed Naples. Naples is not the tourist-friendly town that Sorrento is. I found it invigorating and fascinating, but I can see how some would find it overwhelming. To me, it's those old black-and-white pictures of New York circa 1900 with sidewalks crowded with people and pushcarts, come to life. While I'm not a historian, I found the artifacts and exhibits at the Archeological Museum interesting.

Rick has an episode filmed in Naples; perhaps viewing it would help make up your mind. His guide book also has a self-guided walking tour.

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On my recent vacation to Sorrento 2 weeks ago, we decided to spend a day in Naples. Similar to other comments, I too would recommend not visiting there. Having travelled extensively Western Europe, I can honestly say that Naples is the one place that I do not need to return to.

If you can see beyond the graffiti, EVERYTHING, is vandalized statues, buildings and even churches. A sad rundown city in many respects. I would suggest one of the many other day trips from Sorrento including Capri or Paestum.

Have fun whatever you decide.
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If I was you, I would plan just enough time in Naples to visit the Archeological Museum there where many of the treasures from Pompeii are exhibited. IT was the most fascinating place and you will not be disappointed. I also would highly recommend one of the tour guides Rick recommends in his book, Pina Esposito. She was fabulous and really made the visit even more meaningful. As far as Naples is concerned, I would not plan to stay there because it really is a scary, dirty city. Hope this helps and enjoy your trip. Sorrento is fabulous. Make sure to have dinner at Giginio's. It is delicioso!!!!!!!!!! Tell the owner, Ciro, hello for me.

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I recently read Andy Steves blog on his trip and his discription of Naples sounded familiar, a friend of mine had went there last year and I asked her again what she thought of it, again she used the same discription (armpit of Italy), though everyone has their unique experiences and we all learn something useful when we travel, this said something to me in that 2 people that don't know each other used the same exact words when discribing Naples. Don't know if this is helpful but I think it is interesting.

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As a daytrip from Sorrento, Naples and its archaeological museum are probably worthwhile. I made the mistake of staying there overnight near the train station (a dump) and eating some of their famous pizza. The pizza was very cheap; the waiter was hostile in the place mentioned by Rick as the origin of pizza; the pizza crust was so limp than it was hard to eat it. What I do like about Naples is the liveliness in the streets and the PASTRY SHOPS. Forget the pizza; find a pastry shop.

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In an answer to the garbage problem, two weeks ago all we did was change trains in Naples on our way from Rome to Pompeii. We didn't see as much garbage on our way in as we thought we would, although it was there, especially under bridges and the areas that were not as inhabited. I don't know how bad it was in the city itself.

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We just returned from Italy and spent 1 night in Naples. It is very dirty and chaotic but I really enjoyed myself. We did a walking tour recommended by Rick and really saw alot. We ate at 2 famous pizza places( Michele's and Lombardo's). The pizza was great. We went to the archaeological museum. We stayed at Hotel Siri a couple of blocks from the Centrale train station. It was very clean, friendly, affordable and we had a great breakfast. I never felt unsafe while we were there either. The shopping down the main street was amazing. Much more affordable than Italy's other big cities.

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I was in Naples in May. I was with several friends who live and work there, they also speak Italian. It is a chaotic, colorful, gritty, authentic city. I really have no idea where we were, we strolled down lots of jam packed shopping streets, went to the waterfront, ate pizza in a lovely restaurant rode the funicular, fended off insistent gypsies. The best part was going to the hillside suburbs where they lived, the views across the bay to Vesuvius and Capri were stupendous! Anyway, I had a fantastic time but it may have been an entirely differnt story had I been navigating the streets alone or staying in a seedy hotel!

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Just returned from Napoli. Garbage not a problem. Wow I love Napoli. We just walk and take pictures. It is gritty. We loved the fish market. The veiled Christ is worth the trip alone. I loved the people,the pizza,the museum.
We had a car so we parked in the Pompeii parking lot and took the train,easy as pie. We drove to Sorrento and took the boat to Positano,easy.
In Naples we went into the neighborhoods and took pictures and I was warned by locals to watch the camera. We had no problems at all. It was warm so we drank a lot of water. We found restrooms. The whole trip was great.