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Visiting Murano

I would like to purchase small pieces of glass, see a demonstration and perhaps visit the glass museum. Are all sites open every day? Also, is it general practice to get off at the first vaparetto stop, or are the better sites/better prices at other stops?

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Murano is very small - not that hard to walk the length. I just returned from Italy and we got off the first Murano vaparetto stop and walked to the last one - didn't take us more than a couple hours & that included shopping. :-) Though I guess it depends on your stamina...I didn't find much difference in the price of glass on Murano v. Venice - though there is a difference depending on whether you go to the little shops or more "established" stores...

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Murano is a wonderful side trip from Venice. Take either the 41 or 42 vaporetto and get off at the Colonna vaporetto stop. It is the first stop but you can continue on to the Museo or Da Mura stop if you want. If you get off at Colonna, walk through the canal for about 1/2 mile and you end up at either the Da Mula or Museo vaporetto stop. The shops seem to be open every day. We were there on Sunday and they were open. However, the glassblowing places are closed on Sunday. Don't fall for the hustlers in St. Mark's square and other places that offer you a free ride out to the glassblowing demonstations. They work for the glassblowing houses. The whole idea is to get you to buy something at one of the places they take you to. If you don't, you are left without you nice free transportation back. Not to worry, however, the vaporetto works just great.