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Visit to San Marino

When I was young my father told stories of being near San Marino during WWII. I wish I had been a better listener then because I'd like to at least see where those stories came from. Rick Steves book on Italy does not have much and Lonely Planet has very little. Have any of you been there and is it a half day place, overnight stop or what. I will be in Italy for over a month this year so I have time to either blitz or stay and smell the flowers. Thank you for any advise.

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Hi, San Marino itself is very small, you're done in a few hours. But it's not easy to reach. You should fly onto Rimini and drive up or catch a bus from there. If you want to spend a few days in the area, don't miss Urbino.

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Thank you Dan. You gave me one of the answers I was looking for, is it easy to reach. It does not sound like it is. I will have a car and am in the Umbria/Tuscany area for a week and then drive towards the Dolomites for a week ending in Venice where I'll stay for another week. I was hoping it would be a passing through place on my drive north and wondered if there's enough to see to stay the night or look and drive on. If it is out of the way by an extra day, maybe I should skip San Marino. Thank you again for your response.