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Virtual visits to Italy museums

Offered through Instagram, Twitter, and Facebook.

Perhaps others will follow suit. If you see anything, please post it here.

(And I apologize for not posting a translation; I don't know how to do that on my IPad!)

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I realize that there is no alternative right now. And I don't mean to sound pedantic. But twenty years ago, it was quite controversial when the Annenberg Foundation (in Philadelphia) announced an immense project to expose K-12 students to reproductions of fine art. The plan was eventually shelved, because it received so many bad reactions about the difference between looking at reproductions and looking at the real thing.

As someone from the performing arts, I worry about people losing the habit of viewing live performance in the next few months, and the consequent disappearance of vast numbers of jobs (never mind disappearance of the art!) If this sounds far-fetched to you, consider how much the development of music streaming has reduced both interest and discriminating connoisseurship among younger music lovers. An example of the latter term is the demand for studio-effects, like self-duets, in live-performance settings. I would much rather hear a performance by, say, Madonna, that is only her own voice, even if it doesn't sound "like" the studio album I am familiar with.

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I totally get it about the value of live performance and of viewing works of art firsthand. However, under the current circumstances I love the fact that arts organizations of all kinds are reaching out to make their creative output available online.

Years ago a friend was criticized for studying music instead of something "useful" like medicine because the latter "saves lives." He responded, "Music saves souls."