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Views on Venice apartment rental company

Anyone use “views on Venice” apartment rental service. I can only find old reviews. Thanks

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They are a well-established, well-known company. We rented a 1-bedroom apartment in San Polo from them for a week’s stay in 2015, chosen because it has an altana (rooftop terrace) which is something I like to have in Venice. (The apartment is no longer listed on their site). Everything was fine—-the apartment was very clean and well-furnished, the photos were accurate, we were met at the vaporetto as promised, check-out went smoothly, etc.

My one gripe about the company is their descriptions are over the top and a bit “precious”. Our apartment was described as a “chocolate box”, whatever that means in British terms. I prefer less flowery, more straightforward language; I think theirs implies a level of luxury or glamour that we don’t want or need, and may be an attempt to justify higher prices.

For that reason and others, I prefer the Red House Company: They are Venetians, but Marco and Caroline speak excellent English. We rented an apartment for a month from them in 2013, and had one reserved for 2020 but had to cancel. Now have one reserved for March 2022 but may have to cancel that one too. Their cancellation policy is better than Views on Venice—-free cancellation with full refund up to 15 days in advance, instead of the 30-day free cancellation offered by VoV. That can be an important difference in these days of rapidly changing covid situations.