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viewing the Last Supper

We'll be arriving in Milan on 11/2 and would like to seethe Last Supper but not take a full tour. Have any of you done this?

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I have seen the Last Supper. I did this with a group I was touring with in Italy. Don't remember doing a tour per say. Our group was big enough where we had to split up in two smaller groups. While one group went in to see The Last Supper, the other group just hung around outside. There were shops and other stuff to do while waiting for everyone to finish.

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You just need to book a reservation time directly with the church. On this website, go to plan your trip, then guidebooks, then updates to the Italy book; the directions are right there. RS now recommends calling vs using the website. I had many problems with the website but calling worked well. You pay for your tickets with a CC and then pick them up just before your reservation time. With your reservation you get about 15 minutes of viewing time in the room with The Last Supper, which seemed like enough to us because you are not crowded in. So the whole process once you are there is 30 minutes or less. One tip I didn't use personally but wish I had-get an international calling card before making calls to Europe. The calls will be a lot less expensive.

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I tried, and failed, using the website to make reservations at If you don't get TWO confirmation e-mails, it didn't work. I did a search just now and there are no times available on 11/2, so take the prior advice and call (they probably can tell you if this is true or not). I think the time slots are for 30 minutes (15 minutes inside, 15 minutes waiting in the de-humidifying area). There have been previous posts on this, so try typing in "Last Supper" in the search box. Good luck!

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Thanks everyone for your advice. We'll buy a calling card and call today!