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Hello, My husband and I will have about a week to spend in Puglia at the beginning of January. We will be drving up from the South after having spent 2 weeks in Sicily. We may stay a night or 2 in Matera on the way up rather than back track once we are in Puglia. Most of the things that I think we want to see, with the exception of Lecce and Trani, are in the Valle d'Itria area. The only place I have a real question about missing is Vieste. It would be a bit out of our way on the way back to Naples and Lonely Planet describes it as ghostly in Winter but they also say it has one of the 5 best historic city centers in Puglia. We are off-season travelers by choise so we don't mind not going to the beach and not having the crowds. Any opinions on whether we should make time for Vieste? Thank you, Velda.

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Velda, Vieste is an incredibly beautiful small town and would be worth a visit, although I'm not sure what it would be like at that time of year. It will likely be very quiet and aside from the town itself, some of the "fair weather" activities probably won't be available (ie: boat tours to the caves). Some of the hotels may also be closed then. As I recall, there's not much parking in town, but there's a lot within easy walking distance. Happy travels!

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Thanks for the input, Ken. It really does sound like a nice place. I'm still trying to pull our plans together. The luck I have with accomodations may be the deciding factor. Again, thanks for your help. Velda

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Velda, try for accommodations, at least to research locations and prices.