Via Del Corso

We're planning to do the Dolce Vita Stroll during our visit to Rome. Is this street traffic-free all evening or just 5:00pm to 7:00pm? Grazie,

Posted by Nigel
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I've never seen the Via del Corso traffic free. In fact, it has lots of traffic. It is a through route for several buses which use it between Piazza Venezia and about half way up where they turn off towards Termini. Plenty of other vehicles, too. The electric minibus - it might be the 116/117 but my memory may be faulty also run up and down pretty much the full length from Piazza del Popolo. In places the pedestrian sidewalks are fairly wide, in others, down towards the Pamphili they are somewhat narrow.

Posted by Zoe
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I was in Rome last month and Via del Corso not only had traffic, but also construction going on (although by evening the work will have stopped for the day).

Posted by Donna
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Thank you for your reply. I'm so looking forward to my first trip to Italy! Donna

Posted by Zoe
Toledo, Ohio, US
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Have a great trip! Try the #116 bus to go through the historic center - it's a small electric mini that gets into small streets. It runs from the parking garage at the Vatican to the Galleria Borghese - you can pick it up anywhere along its route, use a regular bus ticket (validate on the bus) or the RomaPass.

Posted by Frank
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There is a section of Via del Corso that I've seen blocked off for pedestrians during the early evening. It starts at Via della Mercede and extends toward Piazza del Popolo. Even then, there are always a few taxis and police cars to dodge. Not certain whether it's blocked off every evening or just certain days, or how long it stays closed to traffic. I've never seen the section of Via del Corso between Piazza Venezia and Via della Mercede closed to traffic.