Vespa for Siena-SG

Can only do SG on a Sunday and bus service is not condusive to having a nice dinner (just not enough bus service at night on Sunday). So thinking about a Vespa for the afternoon/evening. The place that rents them said, "no we do not need an international drivers license or permit". Says our drivers license is fine ????????????? We are only going from Siena to SG and back on the same day. What do you think? Dianne

Posted by Nigel
East Midlands, England
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No, WE don't .... They may not. The police and other drivers will. Are you a gambler? The law is the law regardless if somebody doesn't want it. If the place you rented a car in Chicago said they didn't want your drivers license, would you leave it home?

Posted by Frank
Tresana, Highlands Ranch, CO, USA
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It is the law in Italy and over a certain cc you will need a motorcycle endorsement. The rental place could care less as all they want is your money. They are not there to enforce traffic laws. See for a discussion of using Vespas in Italy. All of this assumes you are an experienced motorcycle/Vespa driver. Italy is not a good place to learn.

Posted by Dianne
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Thank you very much. I do appreciate your thoughts and will go with that :) No Vespa. We'll deal with the bus service and leave an evening in SG for another time :) Thanks much. Dianne

Posted by Harold
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If you do want to drive in Italy, an International Driver's Permit is not hard or expensive to get; don't let this stop you, but do be sure to get it. As said above, rental companies don't enforce the law, but the police do.

Posted by Roberto
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SURGEON GENERAL WARNING: Driving a Vespa in Italy without prior motorcycle riding experience may be harmful to your health. I think I sent you a PM where I mentioned you could take the last bus from S.G. to the Poggibonsi station. The bus departs SG at 8:15pm and arrives at Poggibonsi FS (Station) at 8:45pm. Thirty minutes later, at 9:15pm, there is a train that comes from Florence and goes to Siena. You'll be in Siena before 10pm. So you have time for an early dinner in SG if you want. But there is also another alternative. And that is to call a taxi ahead of time. There are a few both in SG and Poggibonsi. A taxi could take you to the Poggibonsi station in time for the last train to Siena which departs Poggibonsi at 10:49 pm. If you need to rent something to go to SG and you don't have prior motorcycle experience, I think you will be better off renting a car for one day. Riding a vespa at night on country roads requires some experience. Also motorcycles under 150 cc are not allowed on the freeway between Siena and Poggibonsi. If you have no prior motorcycle experience, a small moped would be a better option than a Vespa 150cc. I had one and those are heavy and fast.