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Verona Day Trip Suggestions?

We'll be in Milano next weekend and I would really like to go to Verona for the day. We didn't make it on our last trip to Italy and I've been regretting it since. We'll have Saturday or Sunday available--would either day be preferable? Any recommendations for places for lunch or particular areas to explore? We're taking it pretty slowly on this trip due to the heat so we probably won't be trying to squeeze much in on one day but still would love any suggestions. :)

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Verona has a number of tourist-worthy churches; in fact, they are among the top draws in Verona if you exclude the fake Romeo-and-Juliet sights. On Sundays the churches generally aren't open for sightseeing until 1 PM. A large church is usually one of your best sightseeing options if it's oppressively hot outdoors, so I'd tend to favor a Saturday visit. There's a low-cost pass for entry to four of the major churches--I think the Duomo (Romanesque/Gothic), San Zeno (Romanesque), Sant'Anastasia (Gothic) and San Fermo (Romaneque/Gothic). I believe all the other sights have normal hours on both Saturday and Sunday.

The Museo del Castelvecchio has a variety of interesting-sounding exhibits, including some paintings, so I assume it's at least partly air conditioned. The Galleria d'Arte Moderna in the Palazzo della Ragione should also have a/c.

I see that the Giardino Giusti is at the top of a steep (according to Rick) hill and is something of a walk from the center of town. If it's of interest, don't go there in the middle of the day.

I have not been to any of the above places; I'm working on plans for a future trip to that part of Italy and have been doing a lot of reading.

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If getting up to the Giardino Giusti is too much of a slog on foot, you might consider a taxi.