Verona convent or other budget lodging?

I'd like to find a convent/monastery or other budget lodging in Verona... something around 50-80 E/night in mid-October. Any suggestions? I'm fine with simple; my only requirements are clean, safe, and centrally located (ie, relatively easy walk from major sites). I would also be interested in your favorite experiences (not particularly interested in Romeo/Juliet legend). I'm planning on 2 nights, so I'll have an evening and full day, plus part of the next (if warranted). Sound like enough time? Thanks!

Posted by Anita
Long Beach, California, USA
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Hi Sherry, My husband and I stayed in the youth hostel just outside of town. It's in an old villa that still retains some of its original frescoes. We found the place to be a great value! One of the best experiences I've ever had in Europe was in Verona. In the summer (I don't know how far into the fall months they continue this) they stage operas in the ancient Roman colleseum in the center of town. We saw La Boheme and I decided that I can never see this opera again because it was such a perfect production and so fabulous that I want that to be my one and only memory of this piece of music.
Other than that, just wandering around this incredibly well-perserved town is on its own worth the visit.

Posted by Maggie
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Hi Sherry,
we've been to Verona for the last 4 years and stay for at least 3 weeks. It's a lovely city. We go for the opera at the Arena- it's a magical experience. The last performances are, I believe, the first week of September, but you can check for sure if you Google The Arena Verona. We usually get the cheap seats on the stone steps. Last year my partner's daughter came to visit and we found her a place to stay in a convent- I can't recall the address, we got it from the Tourist Information. She didn't stay there in the end, but I know it was inexpensive. She stayed at another hotel, we found several that were cheap and clean. There was another question like yours on here a couple of weeks ago, you might want to check back on the thread. In Verona- Castle Vecchio has a wonderful art gallery with some famous art works. The Roman theatre and the museum above it are worth visiting. And there are usually photographic exhibitions in an underground gallery near the tower. You can see ancient city walls under glass panels in the floor while you walk around. It's a beautiful place, lots of little streets to explore, and has a lovely 'vibe'. Enjoy!

Posted by Laurel
Rome, Italy
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A little above your budget, but B & B Panorama is delightful.