I'm planning to stay in Verona for about a week but would like to go to neighboring cities for day trips. I'll go to Venice for sure. Any cities/towns that would be of interest that I should not miss? I would travel by bus/train. Thanks.

Posted by Roberto
Fremont, CA, USA
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Vicenza, Padua and of course Venice (Venice is the farthest, about 1 hr by train). In addition you should visit the Lake Garda. Sirmione, Salo', Limone and Riva del Garda are my favorite villages on the lake (from south to north on the western shore respectively). From Riva you can also go to the Dolomites in a short time.
There is also a beautiful view from atop Monte Baldo. You can reach the top with a cable car from Malcesine, a village on the eastern shore.

Posted by Michael
Seattle, WA, USA
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But be sure to wander around Verona itself. There's a LOT more to see than Juliet's fake balcony. We spent three nights there in 2011 and didn't have enough time to see what we wanted to see.

Posted by Harold
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I'll put in a particular plug for Padova (be sure to get reservations for the Scrovegni Chapel). A very nice city almost devoid of "tourism," so it's quite a contrast with Venice and even Verona. I also loved Ferrara (you have to change trains in Padova to get there from Verona, but I don't think the total ride is too far for a day trip).

Posted by Larry
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Mary, the Arena in Verona is worth a long visit itself. We were in Verona in 2012 and will stay longer in 2014. We'll stay in Verona and do day trips like you so this thread is very valuable to me.

Posted by Janet
Plympton, MA, USA
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Hi Mary,
It sounds like you have not been to this area before. If not why not base yourself in Venice and do side trips from there. I love Verona but Venice is like no where else. Just a thought. I have stayed in both places and both are great. Venice is worth more than a day trip.

Posted by Andrea
Sacramento, CA
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I really enjoyed Verona and think its a great base for day trips, as well as a wonderful place to visit. It is much less expensive than Venice and I wouldn't want to pay Venice lodging prices if I wasn't going to be spending my days there. We bought a Verona Card at the train station. It provided admission to a lot of places and included using the local bus.

Posted by Ron
Cesena, Italy
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I'll add Bossano del Grappa to the list. A little NE of Vicenza. Spent most of a day there.

Posted by Michael
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When you do your daytrip to Venice, plan to stay there as late as possible, catching the last train back to Verona. That way you'll get to see Venice at its best - after the hordes of daytrippers have left. And here's another vote for Padova. Here are some videoclips and photos I took when we stopped over in Padova for the day, when moving from Verona to Venice: Padova in May 2011 And here are some I took of Verona, in case you're interested: Verona in May 2011 And, last but not least, some of Venice: Venice in May 2011 Happy travels.