Vernazza Question

I read in Rick's book that only about 3 cars stop at the Vernazza Station Platform and the rest let you out in the tunnel. Being our first time there coming from Milan, is there certain cars that stop at the platform that we should ride in? LIke the first 3 cars stop and rest get off in the tunnel. Later in the stay when we go from CT town to CT town I won't mind getting out in the tunnel. But for the first arrival I'd like to be in a car that has a good chance of stopping at the platform.

Posted by Ken
Vernon, Canada
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Robert, I don't think there's any way to predict which cars will stop in the tunnel, so you may have to just take your chances. Sitting in one of the cars closer to the engine may work, but you may find those packed full so that could limit your choices. You may also have to disembark from the train in a tunnel in Riomaggiore. Happy travels!

Posted by Becky
Seattle, WA, USA
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There's a walkway for you get walk on, even in the tunnel. The warning is more because you might not be able to see that you're in the right place when you're in the tunnel. The station is just really short. We were there in May and it was pretty hot, so we actually waited in the tunnel b/c it was cooler :)

Posted by Maryam
Washington, DC
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Getting off in the tunnels is really not that big a deal. There are wide platforms in the tunnels that lead you directly to the "main" platform, so you will have lots of space to maneuver and are still on the platform you are looking for for the first arrival.

Posted by Shelley
Trenton, Ontario, Canada
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Came from the same direction you are and got off in the tunnel. Just make sure you watch the signs before your stop and are ready to get off. The trains do not stop for long.