Vernazza - Parking?

Hi everyone - this forum has been such a HUGE help in planning my upcoming June trip. SO...I have another question!! We will have our rental car and will be traveling from Lucca to Vernazza. From the RS guidebook, I understand that the parking lots at Vernazza were wiped out as many other areas were from the terrible flood. I am wondering if anyone has been there recently and can confirm if they are open OR does anyone has suggestions such as parking in another town - maybe La Spezia or Levanto - and parking there and then training it into Vernazza? We will be there for two nights so need longterm parking. Any suggestions would be so appreciated!! Thank you!

Posted by Ruth
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On one trip or another I think I have tried every variation for getting into Vernazza. Don't know the current status of the uphill parking lot above Vernazza, but even before the flood, driving there was nightmarish. Driving into Monterosa was easier, and in the spring there was plenty of parking near the beach. Even better was training in from La Spezia. The RS Italy listed one secure parking deck in La Spezia. It's not easy to find. The sign is tiny and high up, and La Spezia has many confusing one-way streets, even for a car with Navigate. I finally caught a taxi and gave him the address while my husband followed in our car. We needed to leave luggage in the car so we could go to the CT with minimal baggage, but all was safe and intact when we returned to the secure lot. The address was in a guidebook from a few years ago, but hopefully it's still listed. If not, you can PM me and I'll try to find it. I think you'll find it easier to take the train.

Posted by Tim
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Can you drop the car in Lucca and take the 1:49 train trip from Lucca to Vernazza. Then you don't have to worry about driving, parking charges, tolls AND less days of car rental.

Posted by Ken
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Danielle, AFAIK, the parking facilities have not yet been rebuilt, and no private (rental) vehicles are currently allowed in Vernazza. Only local and delivery vehicles may be allowed at the present time. Here is an excerpt from the Save Vernazza website: "Driving into Vernazza is not recommended at this time as the roads in and out of town have been badly damaged. We recommend you park your car in one of the neighboring towns, either La Spezia or Levanto, and take the train to Vernazza." If you intend to keep the car, your best bet would be to use the relatively new car park near the station in La Spezia (although I've heard it's not cheap). You can easily get to Vernazza using the local trains. I you won't need the car after your visit to the Cinque Terre, you might consider dropping it in La Spezia. Happy travels!

Posted by Danielle
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Thank you all! I think we lean towards parking in La Spezia. Ken - do you know if the parking here is long term? (two days needed). From the RS guidebook, I cant tell 100% if its longterm. Thanks!

Posted by Brad
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In La Spezia, we parked about a mile from the train station across the street from one of the Navy gates. The parking for the station looked pretty bad (loiterers, broken glass) so I asked and found a free and safe place to park. I dropped off the family first, then hiked back to the station. From memory and looking at a map of La Spezia. I'd say I parked on Viale Nicolo Fleschi around the military hospital bus stop (hospidale militare). The car was in one piece when we came back for it a couple of days later, so I have no complaints.

Posted by Danielle
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Brad - thank you very much! I think we will follow in your footsteps! Thank you!