Venice Water Taxi from Airport to Locanda la Corte

We have 6 adults with luggage arriving at 11:20 am on a Saturday in April. About how much should we expect to pay for a water taxi from the airport to Locanda la Corte (near Rialto Bridge) and about how long will the transfer take? Do we just show up on the dock, or do we pre-arrange the taxi? We only have 1 full day in Venice, so we are trading money for time.

Posted by Larry
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Expect to pay 110E or so for up to 8 people with luggage. With 6 people, it's a good bargain. The water taxi will be the fastest way to get anywhere on the islands because they are a true taxi. No special routing. Point A (airport) to point B (where you want to go). You can book online for a 10% discount at You can also find other online sites as well.

Posted by Stephen
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You can pay for the water taxi inside the airport. They will provide you with a receipt and the dock number of your taxi. To Locanda la Corte, it should be around a 30-40 minute trip and cost around 110-120 euros total. I believe you can take up to 8 passengers for that price.

Posted by Cliff
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FYI, there is a roughly 10 minute walk from the airport to the boat docks.

Posted by Marie
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I just posted on another question. Here is what our hotel told us two years ago. I am sure the price has gone up a touch, but the name is Venezia Taxi. We had a cool, classic wooden boat and we were a party of five. Below is a direct quote from their e-mail: Immediately after collecting your luggage, you find in the arrivals hall the desk of the VENEZIA TAXI company. They organize transfers from the terminal to the docks of the airport by car or small buses and from there to our Locanda by water taxi (if the level of the water is not too high, a water taxi can deliver you directly to our hotel after a 25 minutes ride). The total cost amounts to around 110 Euro, up to 4 people and 4 bags. The desk is open from 8am to 12pm (midnight);