Venice, VERY early morning Alilaguna

I booked one of the very early flights out of Venice... the type I always caution friends against taking. I love boats and the water, so I prefer taking the Alilaguna, even if other airport transport might be faster. I stay very near Zaccharia and would catch the first Alilaguna of the day, around 3:40 AM, as I recall. My only concern is reliability. The boat doesn't have to be exactly on time, but it has to arrive. Next scheduled run would be too late. For those of you who have done this, have you found the very early runs to actually happen? Have you seen early boats just not show up? And I'm assuming if worst comes to worst, I spring for a water taxi (recognizing the cost). If you know of a better 'plan b', I'd love to hear about it. Thanks

Posted by Sam
Green Bay
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Another Plan B would be take the 3:58 N boat from the Danielli dock to Piazzale Roma arr 4:30, then catch the 4:35 No 5 bus to the airport arr 5:08. Must be a week day as the 4:35 bus only runs week days.
Since the 3:40 Alilaguna boat originates at San Marco, I would not worry too much about it being cancelled.