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Venice train safety

Is it safe to leave 2 teenage girls at the train station at 5-6 am? There train leaves a few hours after my flight back home.

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Lola: don't really know although I know that train stations are usually full of pickpockets and strange people looking for an opportunity!! I would think twice about doing that. If the girls are street smart they should be ok but one never knows.........

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I found Venice station to be a bit more 'traveller friendly' than other Italian stations I have been in. The problem will be how deserted the station is at that time. Like any station in the world they do tend to attract undesirables in the odd hours. I think it's a little early for them to be there. Can the girls stay at the hotel and make their own way to the station later in the morning say about 7am or so? There would be more people around then and probably safer. There is a large cafe at the station and I would suggest they go in there and grab a coffee or something and sit there until they need to go to the platform for their train. I'm sure they'd be OK there. You may be concerned about them making their own way to the station but I do think it would be preferable than being at the station so early. Why don't you speak to your hotel and see what they suggest. I'm sure they have had this happen before.