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Venice to CT by train??

Has anyone tried this route by train. We may have a flight arriving in Venice and wondering how difficult it would be do make it into the CT by train, hopefully in the same day. Any advice or ideas on how long it might take would be appreciated. Thanks!!!!!

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Venice to the 5T is a 5 1/2 to 6 1/2 hour train ride, with a change in trains required. That's a long trip after a transAtlantic flight. Look into flying in to another city and open jaw flights.

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It's relatively easy to get from Venice to the Cinque Terre by train. I'm assuming from your post that you won't be stopping at all in Venice when you arrive there?

As the previous post indicated, that's a bit of a lengthy trip after a long trans-atlantic flight, with several changes (depending on which train you choose, possibly in Verona or Milano and also La Spezia where you'll board the local CT train).

You didn't indicate what time your flight arrives in Venice, so it's difficult to offer more specific suggestions. One thing you might consider is stopping at an "intermediate location" for a few days to rest after your flight (perhaps Verona), before continuing to the C.T.


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Genova and Pisa both have airports. You can use one of the small air line companies to fly to those cities. Have a look at
Also for train info check

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That trip is not overly demanding. You will have to change to the local train at Monterosso al Mare in order to stop at one of the five CT villages (Vernazza, Corniglia, Manarola, Riomaggiore).

I advise that you take the earliest train on the day you leave so that you will have time after arrival to search for a room.

When you buy your ticket in Venice ask the clerk your questions. And ask for a printed itinerary of your trip showing times and train changes.