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Venice to Cortina by car - most scenic route?

We are driving from Venice to Cortina in our rental car this week, we have no time constraints and would like to take the most scenic route and visit one or two quaint villages... any recommendation will be greatly appreciated.


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I'm not experienced in this region, but while you are waiting for feedback, Viamichelin's website map gives info on scenic routes.

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My husband and I just got back from an amazing two weeks, one in Venice and one in Cortina. We hired a driver from a day trip service to take us from Venice to our hotel in Cortina, and we stopped at this cool site along the way, the Caglieron Caves. It was near the town of Fregona I think? Very neat. I think Treviso would also be well worth seeing. And Valle di Cadore was beautiful. Enjoy!

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I would just stick with the A-27 to Fadalto, then exit there to SS 51 north about a mile to Lago di Santa Croce. there is a very nice roadside restaurant "Bolognese" overlooking the lake surrounded by mountains. Good spot for a rest stop and refreshment, maybe even lunch if you are hungry. You can double back to the A-27, or continue north on SS 51. The A-27 goes mostly in a tunnel along the lake, but SS 51 is open, hugging the shore of this lovely lake. The A-27 ends shortly above Belluno, so might as well continue on SS 51. Not too much in the way of quaint villages along the way. Fairly modern for the most part, with lots of light industry, surrounded by beautiful mountains. The wow factor starts after you get out of Pieve di Cadore.

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Thank you for all the great tips.
We ended up making a big detour to Bassano del Grappa to check out some grappa distilleries. Interesting old town with rich history.
Beautiful drive with endless roundabouts. Unfortunately the weather was unfavorable; limited views between Pieve di Cadore Cortina. Yes, Valle di Cadore was a gem, thanks again for the recommendation. Luckily the weather forecast in Cortina was wrong for the past 2 days. We had beautiful clear days as opposed 80% rain as predicted. :-)

Thanks again! Stay safe and healthy.