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Venice to Amalfi coast,train or plane

Flying into Venice in June, then heading directly to Maiori for four nights, then back to Venice for four nights.
What is best way to get there
Flights seem few and far between and flight to salerno doesn't seem to exist
If train is the way to go, which station do I leave from and does airport have a shuttle to station.

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Victor, I would say the answer to your question depends heavily on (1) how many people in your group, (2) will you be traveling with minimal baggage, or with multiple or heavy bags, and (3) will you be on a tight budget, or able to splurge on some private transport, which can be expensive for one or two people, but much more economical and sensible if you have more people or a lot of baggage.
You can fly Venice to Naples, then train to either Sorrento or Salerno, or bus Naples airport to Sorrento, and then taxi or private car, or, maybe bus or boat, to Maiori.
Easy Jet has cheap, one hour, non-stop flights from Venice to Naples, probably very tight baggage allowances. Alitalia also has flights, but one stops, over three hours and over four times the cost.
You can also travel Venice all the way to Sorrento or Salerno by train, but that way would probably take you a very long day of travel to get from your hotel room in Venice to your hotel room in Maiori. I have not actually been to the town of Maiori, so don't know how easy it is to get there from Salerno or Amalfi. Maybe your hotel or inn can help you on that.
I agree with Roberto, below, that your choice of these two destinations and the need to travel from Venice and then back, is not a great idea unless there is more to the story, like wedding and cruise schedules or whatever.

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You couldn't find someplace nice to visit closer to Venice since you fly in and out of there? Lakes, Dolomites, Tuscany?

You are basically visiting the North and the South and skipping everything in between.

Well, if that is your plan then I would suggest an open jaw ticket with arrival to Naples (or Rome) and return from Venice.

If not possible the only solution is the train or a rental car.

The train would be from Venice to Salerno (at least one change, generally in Rome). Then a bus from Salerno to Maiori. A long day traveling indeed (the train only is over 6 hrs, then the bus along the curvy Amalfi coast).

You could also fly from VCE to NAP (EasyJet, Meridiana), then take trains and buses. But when everything is considered (travel from/to airports, security, check in, transfer from NAP to Maori etc), the all ground option is probably not that much longer.

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We are doing your trip in reverse, amalfi to venice. We will bus from around maiori to salerno, and train salerno to venice. It is a lost day as the trip is 6 hrs, but so be it, we want to see both...Salerno is your closest point from Maiori to catch a train, they have an airport too I see, though I dont know anything about the airport. There is a bus that stops in Maiori that goes to Salerno. My understanding is the bus stop is convenient to the hotels along the boardwalk ...

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Just curious, if your going straight to the south, why land in venice? Im sure you have your reasons, but Rome or Naples is so much closer to the coast....