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Venice-Staying near the Rialto or St. Marks Square?

My husband and I are going to Venice (our first time in Italy) and I have two choices of a hotel. I don't know if we should stay close to the Rialto Bridge (Antica Locanda Sturion) or if we're better situated close to St. Mark's Square (Hotel Campiello)? We are going to be there for two nights and then on to Florence. Where is the best location. Thanks!!

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The Rialto is very crowded as it is one end of the street that connects to St. Mark's square. Many famous names have shops on this walk. There are also tons of gondolas around Rialto. The hotels also seem to be a bit more pricey. The Rialto is close to the train station as mentioned above. If you are considering a place near St. Marks, consider the Hotel Messner. It's a 2-star in the RS book and is just across the Grand Canal at the Salute stop. 115E a night and not bad. Not crowded or noisy. It's a very easy vaporetto stop across the canal to St. Marks.

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Looking at the locations, one looks to be in a busy crowded neighborhood (the Sturion) and one in a more quiet area (Campiello). Look at the reviews on to get comments from people who have stayed at both places.

Personally - and assuming I'd have a good room - I'd go with the Sturion. It's right by the Rialto and its fascinating market. The neighborhoods of Santa Croce and San Polo are close by. It's also much closer to the train station if that matters to you.

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The only thing to see around the Rialto is the Rialto and the open air market. Otherwise, most of the other popular locations are around St. Mark's. Whatever that means to you.

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I would vote for the location AWAY from the Rialto. Personally I don't think it's a very nice area and it's just jam-packed with tourists. I would choose the quieter area if possible.

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Hi Julie..My husband and I stayed at the Campiello in May. We really loved it because it is very close to the San Zacarria boat dock and that is where the boats come in from the airport, etc. The hotel is down a small alley right off the main Street- where you get the boats.It is so easy to come and go , yet the hotel is very quiet. Great breakfast buffet - really enough to last you until evening. Also, they have a computer for you to use in the lobby and an elevator and air-conditioning. The rooms are not large ,but the bathrooms are very modern and the shower is quite nice. From the boatdocks you can go to the Rialto area (great shopping), Burano Island, and all the way down the Grand Canal.

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Although I've not stayed at Hotel Campiello, one of my co-workers stayed there recently and loved both the hotel and the location. I have stayed in various neighborhoods when visiting Venice, and I would pick St. Mark's over Rialto. Only downside is that it's a longer trip to the train station. Consider buying 2-day vaporetto passes for your visit - good for 48 hours from time of validation. I used the vaporettos a lot and the pass saved me a bundle. You can even go to Murano and Burano using the pass.

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I'd choose the one close to St Marks Square over the Rialto as you are not there long and most of the main sights are near St Marks. It may be further from the station but the vaporetto trip down the Grand canal as your first sight of Venice is unforgettable. Do get a 2 day vapretto pass - well worth having and it's so convenient. Great way to get around.