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Venice sienna Rome and Sorrento?

I’m finally pulling the trigger had to cancel three years in a row I’m going to Venice then Sienna then Room then Sorrento.
I’m torn between the nights in each city I definitely am doing four nights in Venice and I have hotels booked for three nights in sienna three nights in Rome and three nights in Sorrento , just looking for advice if these are enough nights in each city ?
I’m also looking for a cooking class in Tuscany any suggestions

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How many NIGHTS do you actually have in Italy?
Where do you arrive and depart from?

Rome needs more than 3 nights.
Siena 3 nights is more than enough for Siena itself-- will you day trip from Siena?
Sorrento- 3 nights is probably fine but not knowing what you want to do while there it is hard to say.

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Nights to be spent in a town or city usually based on wheat you plan on seeing and doing. Three nights yields only two full days, pretty inadequate for a place like Rome. Venice to Florence by train is a little under 3.5 hours with a change in Florence; couple of hours added to that changing hotels. Siena to Rome it's the bus, 3 hours to the station at Tibertina. Next a train to Napoli Centrale where you have two options.

If your hotel is close to the Sorrento station, take one of the local trains downstairs at Garibaldi: [less uncomfortable, mid-March to mid-Oct]

If not, Sorrentocars will charge you €80 to drive you to your hotel.

From what city are you heading home?

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Could you add a couple of days? If I were you, I'd consider either adding a few days or dropping one of the cities. As N_KIngdom indicated, you must factor in travel time. And as ChristineH said, Rome needs more than 3 nights. The others sound about right; maybe drop one night from Venice?

Are you flying into Venice and out of Rome or Naples? Transportation takes way more time than we think. Also think about how long it takes to check out of a hotel, get to the train or bus station, get to the new hotel from the new station, check in, get settled, etc.

I do like that you're not planning just one or two nights in each city.

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Thank you Jeff for your detail trip log . I will keep the number of days I have in each city !


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Tracy, you are welcome. I appreciate the feedback.