Venice/Rome/Bari Itinerary Help

Hi - I wonder if someone could help with an itinerary for our family. We will be traveling to Italy next September. This will be my third time, my daughter's 4th, and my Mom's third time as well. We have been to Rome, Florence, Tuscany, and Positano. This time we would like to see Venice (3/4 days). We love Rome and want to spend a week there wandering around and enjoying food and drink. Part of our trip needs to include a visit the town of Canosa Di Puglia (Bari) where my Mom's parents came from. We thought an overnight may be enough time. We are trying to come up with an itinerary and some initial thoughts were; Fly into Venice and stay 3 nights, possibly 4 as we would like to take a day trip to Verona. Take the train to Rome staying a night or two, renting a car and driving to Canosa overnight returning to Rome for the long portion of our stay OR after taking the train from Venice stay in Rome for the long portion of our stay and toward the end, drive to Canosa overnight returning to Rome for a night or two before returning home to the US. We looked at a train from Venice to Barletta (closer to Canosa)in hopes of cutting down the train/travel times on this trip but it was a 7-8 hour train ride. We would need to rent a car once we get to Barletta so that we could drive to Canosa, stay overnight, and then return to the train station and head to Rome. Do either of these itineraries make sense given the places that we want to travel to? Thanks in advance.

Posted by Zoe
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I would make Rome the last stop because you've been there before and I like my last stop to be someplace familiar, and because flying out of Rome is easier if you are staying there. As for Canosa di Puglia, I would suggest two nights so you'll have one full day plus to roam around, possibly meet relatives but even if you don't, there are lots of beautiful little towns to visit in the area.

Posted by rachele
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I agree with Zoe about doing your long Rome stay at the end. Have you looked at
flying from Venice to Bari, renting a car and spending a little bit of time in the area? I was recently in Bari and was pleasantly surprised. It is a real Italian city and the people were warm and friendly. Being right on the coast was very nice as well. Anyway, from there you could fly or take the train back to Rome.

Posted by Donna
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Thanks Zoe and Rachele. We were leaning toward the long stretch at the end and we may just do that. Rachele, I did not think about flying from Venice to Bari but will look into it. I know this sounds crazy as I'll be flying from the US to Italy but I am not the biggest fan of flying and would probably prefer train/car.
Thanks to both of you. Donna