Venice Restaurant Sunday

I know I have to do more research but several of the restaurants I like in Venice are closed on Sunday. Anyone been on a Sunday and have recommendations. We wanted to do a venetian pub crawl for dinner the other night but Rick Steve's book says most of those are closed Sunday as well.

Posted by Ruth
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One of my favorites is Do Spade near the Rialto market. It's small and you need to make a reservation to be sure you can get a table. They also have cicheti at the bar in the front room. There's a great app called Eat Venice where one of the categories is "Open on Sundays." Then you can narrow choices down by neighborhood.

Posted by Michael
Seattle, WA, USA
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Paradiso Perduto in Cannaregio. That's where the locals go and it's a blast. Stop by earlier in the day to reserve a table. Also, FYI, Italians say "all'aperto" instead of "al fresco." Use the correct term and you'll get a surprised eyebrow and a "good for you!" smile.