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I was very disappointed to find the only daytime train from Venice to Salsburg does not arrive until 3 in afternoon and we only have 2 days planned there,so I want to take 12:30am train.How do I get from Fondamente Nove vaporetti stop to santa Lucia train station to make this train? I've looked everywhere and only find some info in Italian,I know they have some night routes but when and where? Thank you Linda

Posted by Nigel
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I don't know of any night vaporetto on the north side of the main islands. I can have a look at the timetables in a bit and see what you need. I expect that you will want to either walk or take an earlier boat and wait at the station. But that brings me to a question. Where did you find that there is only one daytime train? You haven't been looking at RailEurope, have you? If so, stop now. There are many possible runs. The one that you may have identified, the 00:36, doesn't go direct to Salzburg. It is a regional train which only goes as far as the next main Venice station, Venezia Mestre, on the way to Portogruaro-Caorle across the lagoon. When you change trains at Mestre you have 43 minutes to catch the train from Rome to Vienna. You get on at 01:30 and get off two stops later at 04:14 in Villach where you will have to sit around 3 hours until 07:16 to get the train to Salzburg. The train will be marked to Vienna and you will get off at 09:48. A total trip of 9:12 including 3 hours and 45 minutes hanging around deserted stations in the middle of the night. Why would anybody want to do that? If you are determined to travel through the night you could at least take the 20:57 to Vienna and not have to get off until 04:09, and you would be in Salzburg - no changes required and a full 7 hours and 12 minutes in one comfy seat or couchette (it is a proper night train, EN236). You can easily go during the day, but you right, if you want to travel during the day it will take nearly 8 hours and no matter how you slice it that means arrival in Salzburg mid afternoon. 40 minutes faster by 3 trains, 40 minutes later by a special double decker scenic coach and change to train in Villach. Unfortunately to get over the mountains and over the distance any quicker you need a time turner or to fly.

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Linda, not sure where you are getting your information. Have you tried looking at the Austrian train website? There are many more runs per day from Venice to Salzburg. Some runs are by train from Venezia Santa Lucia and some runs begin with a bus run from the Venice Tronchetto to Villach, Austria where they put you on a train to Salzburg. I can see the fare on the bus/train run beginning at 29Euro. My nephew just did this from Venice to Vienna and he paid 29Euro. Here's a look at the first 3 runs that I see on the Austrian train website. It's a 6.5hr journey by bus/train.

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Linda as others have said, go to the obb website, there is a morning train from Verona to Salsburg/Vienna. Look out for early tickets to save about 50%. Then get a regional Venice to Verona. Was a great train ride.

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I've had a look at the most recent changes to the ACTV, Venice's transportation authority. The last vaporetto 4.1 from F.TE Nove pier "C" to the Ferrovia (train station) is at 19:54 (6 minutes to 8 pm), way too early for the late trains you asked about. The last 5.1 is at 20:44, nearly an hour later, arriving at Ferrovia 20 minutes later. Unless you take an expensive water taxi, you will have to walk. I could walk it in about 20 minutes. It make take you longer, especially if you have a lot of luggage or it is very heavy, or you have trouble with climbing bridges. There is a Night vaporetto service from F.TE Nove but it does not go to Ferrovia. It only goes across the lagoon to Murano, Burano, and Lido. There is a Night service on the Canale Grande but that appears to be out of the way for where you will be. BTW - where will you be? I understand that you asked about F.TE Nove. Will you be much closer to the top of the islands or could you get to a stop on the Canale Grande? Which one?

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Thanks so much for all your help.i bought airline tickets to Munich and will take the train to Salzburg.will arrive at noon.this was frustrating but at least I will be able to see some of Salzburg on the first day. Linda