Venice -- night time activities

We're in our 60s and will be in Venice for 3 nights in October and want to do a gondola ride perhaps with a singer at dusk; also considering something cultural like the "Interpreti Veneziani Vivalidi concert, or "Music a Palazzo" Opera synopsis as well as a bar tour. Does anyone have recommendations or experiences to share for gondolier or cultural nighttime activity?

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As a general rule, the gondola rides are less expensive on the back canals as opposed to the ones by San Marco and other places on the Grand Canal. The prices are somewhat negotiable depending on demand, weather, time of the evening and so forth.

While it might not meet some definitions of cultural activity, there is a unique Venetian evening experience you should consider. Have a sit down drink at one of the cafes on Piazza San Marco that has musicians. The experience is even better if you dance. Hope this helps. TC