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Venice Museum Pass Question

We are planning on purchasing the Museum Pass. I understand that this pass gives us one entry into the St Mark's Sq museums as well as some other Venice museums. And the pass is valid for 3 months from the date of purchase. My question is can you use the pass on for example Sunday to tour Doges Palace and use the pass on a different day for example Tuesday to visit the Correr Museum? Both of these museums are part of the St Mark's Sq. Museums and I wasn't sure if that meant you are limited to visiting them all on the same day with the pass?

I'm assuming you can visit ANY museuem once on any day within those 3 months. But I'd rather see if anyone has actual experience rather than assuming. Thanks!

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You're correct. You need not visit the Correct Museum on the same day as the Doge's Palace, whether you have the Museum Pass or even the smaller "San Marco are Combo ticket" that also bundles those museums together. They're still treated as separate entries.

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The ticket line for the Doge's Palace can be long, but not so much for the Correr. I got my pass at the Correr, saw it (excellent), and used it a day or two later for the Doge's, bypassing the ticket line. Good strategy recommended by our host (and Laura's boss). You don't have to (God forbid) visit both museums on the same day.