Venice Italy

I am planning a trip to Venice, Italy, but i am allergic to mold. Is the air in Venice full of mold?

Posted by Eileen
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Have you been to Europe before? Do dank churches, etc., give you trouble? If not, I'd say not to worry about Venice...but I don't know that for a fact! Come to think of it, except for the heat-of-summer 'eau de body' parfum, Venice may have been one of the 'cleanest' places we've been...Our hotel rooms were very clean (no signs of mold), as opposed to some of our other European and American hotel rooms...:-( Hopefully, someone else may actually be of help to you ;-) Good luck!

Posted by Valerie
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Allergies are hard to predict, but I can tell you that I have taken my very allergic (to mold and lots of other things) daughter to Venice and she was just fine there. The only issue that arose in Venice (and in all cities) was with the churches. She would last just a few minutes before she had to go sit outside and wait for us. FYI: The nasal allergy meds (like Rhinocort) are about seven dollars a bottle over there (compared to about $125 here!) - and they are available at the pharmacies without a prescription, should you need them.