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Venice in June

I read that June and July are the worst months to visit Venice because of the "stench soup" the canals become. Is it better not to do Venice in June and to go to Lake Como?

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I went in early June and it was perfect; great weather and no odor.

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I've been in July and August - no smell at all.

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I was there in late May, no smell. You have to do Venice at least once, but I prefer Como and return there on each trip. In Venice, the trick for eathing is to go far back into the neighborhoods for great restaurants and fewer crowds. Try in the region that is the mid-tail of the fish. Have fun!

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I too had "fear of stink" on my first trip to Venice. We went early July and smelled nothing but great sights and amazing views. It was really lovely especially late afternoon and evening when the cruise ships clear out.

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I've been there in late October and experienced no smell either -- going all over the place.
Maybe there isn't a problem!

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We have been to Venice 2x--in June 2002 and July 2005 and experienced no problems with odor. The weather was beautiful! We will be there this August and are hoping for the same!

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I'm Venetian and currently live in London. It always puzzles me every time I hear about this "stink problem"! Unless the canals you are staying near are being drained for repairs or there are extreme weather conditions (preventing the daily 'scouring' effect of the tides) there is no smell. When there is a large number of visitors in town (the August peak for example) and there is hot weather there is also the risk of drains backing up as they are very old and Venice has few private plumbers! These problems aside I am very proud of my non-smelly town (in fact the tube in London smells worst most days ;)

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We were jus there, and there was an odor in some places. Outside our hotel, they cleaned fish every morning, so needless to say, it stunk, but was not unbearable. I love Venice! It's nothing to compare to Lake Como in regards to smell, heat, crowds, etc. They are two different places completely. Both worth the trip and experience.